“To the makers of music – all worlds, all times.”
Under the stars & in a fog
Wall Of Sound - RATF, Space Environments Complex NASA Glenn Research Center, Plum Brook Station. Sandusky, OH.
When Sparks Fly
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Yes, it's Buzz!
Orion AA-2 Testing at NASA Glenn's Plum Brook Station
A model of the first Sub-Kilowatt Electric Propulsion thruster is tested in a vacuum chamber. SKEP is an electric power system for deep space exploration using small spacecraft.
NASA is preparing to explore electric-powered flight with the X-57 Maxwell, a unique all-electric aircraft which features 14 propellers along its wing.
NASA Glenn Pilot Kurt Blankenship calls it a day after a research flight over Cleveland.
*Not* a backseat driver
Cynthia Calhoun is an aerospace engineer in our Safety and Mission Assurance office. Last year she posed near one of our large vacuum chambers for a magazine article on her career accomplishments and her inspiring work in STEM outreach.
Evaluating the Noise of Future Aircraft
Evaluating the Noise of Future Aircraft

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